About Us

Hong Kong, is a metropolitan where the east meets the west, long-standing one of the most popular destinations in the Asia for the world-wide visitors.

Being a British colony for over 100 years, colonial era has brought the change of Hong Kong from a fishing village to a capital that catches the eyes of the world. Returning of sovereignty to China has further got the attention of the world. Visitors can find traditional Chinese practices interwoven with a contemporary lifestyle and modern conveniences.

Tour 3.0, a unit with young and enthusiastic professionals focus in generating innovative itineraries for visitors who want to go in-depth of all interesting Hong Kong stories. Our members bring together over 20 years of tour operating experience in Hong Kong and the nearby cities. As the city emerge from the colonial cultures, new elements are found in all walks of life. Through our creative tour programmes, you will be introduced to wide range of undiscovered part of Hong Kong.

We have a variety of tours operating daily and in just a few hours at the tour, you will feel the way as we are living in this vivacious city of Hong Kong. We value quality customer care and hope that our informative tours with city’s tales will generate extraordinary inspiration and emotional experience to our clients.

Our team continues to explore the up and coming events happening in our city, and have a passion to serve our customers with the best quality of tour services.