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Victoria Harbor
  • Tai O Eco Tour
    $750.0 up
    Tai O Eco Tour
    The rapid pace of modern life, every day, in a race against time, but not to adjust their pace of life; let us into the big O...
  • Hong Kong Island Tour
    $380.0 up
    Hong Kong Island Tour
    This comprehensive half-day tour is a great way to know the most popular attractions in Hong Kong, the Peak. Stroll around V...
  • Hong Kong Disneyland ...
    $670.0 up
    Hong Kong Disneyland Tour
    Hong Kong Disneyland into a wondrous world of exciting and enchanting lands. Enjoy timeless tales and thrilling adventures in...
  • The Pace of Hong Kong
    $260.0 up
    The Pace of Hong Kong
    Hong Kong's grassroots experience then living environment and culture, among savor life with.
  • Different taste of Ho...
    $690.0 up
    Different taste of Hong Kong
    Under the skyscrapers and international brands of Hong Kong, there are Taoist temples and Edwardian edifices, secret windows ...
  • Hong Kong Island Tour
    eddie wu
    On 1 Feb I did the city tour with tour 3.0 tour guide was Miss Gloria, she is informative and friendly. She explained everything about Hong Kong vert details and waering beautiful smile.
  • Ocean Park Tour
    G G
    Great~!!! @@
  • Handmade in Hong Kong
    iris fung
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